Dan Lynch

Hi, I'm Dan Lynch, a broadcaster, musician, writer and confirmed geek from Liverpool in the UK. I'm mad about all things Open Source, particularly GNU/Linux but also various web and mobile technologies. I'm best known for hosting a number of popular podcasts on technology and music. Linux Outlaws, Rathole Radio and FLOSS Weekly on the TWiT Network. I've been a musician since I was young and you can also discover more about that on the music page. I do a bit of programming and web development but not as much as I used to professionally these days. I'm a big fan of Django (the Python web framework) and I do Drupal stuff for some clients working with PHP. I used to work for the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK as a .NET developer. I know, it's so hideously closed source and proprietary, but we've all made mistakes in our lives right? These days I make most of my living out of talking, which you'll soon realise if you linger here for any length of time.

I regularly organise conferences and events, the biggest of which is OggCamp. In 2011 we had 400+ attendees join us from all over the world to talk about FOSS and generally have a good time. In 2012 we surpassed that and had a guest talk from Stephen Fry, yes that Stephen Fry. In addition I'm involved with Ignite and Social Media Cafe in Liverpool. I also write a technology column for the website Seven Streets.