Amber MacArthur

Amber MacArthur is an established digital marketing and social media speaker, author, host, producer, and consultant based out of Toronto, Canada.

Amber is President of Konnekt Digital Engagement, a digital marketing agency with offices in Halifax and Toronto, and the author of best selling business book, Power Friending. She also co-hosts App Central on CTV, featuring the latest developments in mobile technology, which currently airs nationally in four countries.

After completing her post-graduate degree in Journalism, with a focus on digital even in its early days, Amber moved to San Francisco to cut her teeth at two tech start-ups during the dot-com boom – Razorfish and HigherMarkets. Upon returning to Canada, Amber joined Microsoft as a web strategy manager leading the development and editorial teams to create a female-focused lifestyle portal. Continuing to work through various television and online projects, Amber became Canada’s first prominent new media reporter, covering digital news for Toronto’s Citytv and growing an enormous podcasting audience through, The Social Hour, and other productions she helped develop.

In 2010, Canadian Business called Amber “Canada’s top social media expert on how to build a brand”, and Amber now appears regularly as a technology and social media strategist on networks such as CNN, CTV, and CBS.

As Konnekt, Amber’s marketing agency, continues to draw clients including Tony Robbins, Xbox Live, Canada Goose, Adobe, and others, Amber’s speaking career is flourishing, with audiences of up to two thousand people hearing her keynotes at major events across the United States, Canada, and beyond.