Security Now with Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte

May 9th 2023

Security Now 922

Detecting Unwanted Location Trackers

Google Passkeys, Chrome lock icon, AI news sites, Vint Cerf

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Category: Help & How To
  • Picture of the Week. 
  • Google & Passkeys. 
  • TP-Link routers DO auto-update. 
  • US Marshals Service: Where’s the backup?? 
  • T-Mobile keeps getting breached. 
  • Chrome: No more LOCK icon. 
  • Apple's new “Rapid Security Response” system. 
  • Elon Musk, making friends wherever he goes... 
  • A quick Mastodon aside. 
  • Here come the fake AI-generated “news” sites. 
  • Russia to replace “American” TCP/IP with “Russian Internet”. 
  • Vint Serf's 3 mistakes. 
  • Detecting Unwanted Location Trackers.

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