Tech News Weekly

Aug 20th 2020

Tech News Weekly 147

A Phone With DIP Switches?

PinePhone Hands-On, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra First Look, Epic Games vs Apple
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Category: News

PinePhone hands-on, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra first look, Epic Games vs Apple.

  • Jason Howell compares the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra to the Galaxy S20 Ultra and goes hands-on with the premium handset.
  • Lory Gil from iMore walks through the latest developments of the Epic Games vs Apple lawsuit, and looks into her crystal ball to see where it's likely to land.
  • Corbin Davenport from Android Police has the PinePhone, a Linux based smartphone for the geekminded that offers interesting security features including a row of killswitches.
  • Netflix is offering a new feature that randomizes your viewing habits... if you'll use it.
  • Oculus hardware will soon require a Facebook account in order to use it, and we all saw this coming. Right?

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