Tech News Weekly

Jul 30th 2020

Tech News Weekly 144

Big Tech Zooms to Washington

Antitrust Hearings, New IP, Open AI GPT-3
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Antitrust Hearings, New IP, Open AI GPT-3

  • In the aftermath of big tech's congressional hearings that focused on antitrust behavior, Will Oremus from OneZero walks through the real reason for the spectacle.
  • China has big ideas for the Internet, namely that it wants a new Internet that it can better control. Stephen Shankland from CNET details the New IP proposal and how it would differ from the Internet we have today.
  • OpenAI's GPT-3 model is paving the way for incredible innovation in the field of AI, and that's evident by a long list of creations that blur the line between computer and human thought.
  • Mac OS 8.1 is now a single Electron app that works on Mac or PC and can be installed in the applications folder like any other app on your machine.

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